Stability is essential when you're lifting two to three times your body-weight. Standard shoes utilise an elevated sole for the purpose of comfort with an elevated heel creating an unstable environment. Excalibur deadlift slippers feature flat and hard soles, placing you as close to the floor as possible.

Range of motion

The closer contact you have with the floor, the less distance the bar has to navigate from the floor to lockout. Excalibur deadlift slippers minimise the range of motion by keeping your feet in close contact with the floor.


Metatarsal support is critical to effectively executing the deadlift. The metatarsal strap ensures a tight and snug fit over the largest portion of the foot, guaranteeing stability by eliminating any unnecessary movements from your foot. The Excalibur Deadlift slippers feature adjustable tarsal with velcro support.

Decreased risk of injury

Using regular shoes places yourself at a heightened risk of injury. The free range of ankle motion, instability and lack of metatarsal support of the foot is putting you at risk of torn ligaments in the ankle or knee. Excalibur Deadlift slippers eliminate excess range of motion and provide ankle/foot support via metatarsal.

Maximise transfer power

Excalibur's one-piece sole is designed so that it is flat and rigid eliminating any signs of cushioning. As a result, this drastically minimises any power leaks during the execution of deadlifts and other exercises where it requires stability and drive from the leg and foot.

Mimic Barefoot

Training barefoot strengthens the stabilisers of the foot and ankles resulting in improved balance. However, most gyms and facilities do not allow barefoot due to health and safety regulations. Excalibur's minimalistic design caters for the closest environment to training barefoot.